War Stories From Kosare

The Battle of Kosare is a paradigm of how to defend one's country and its borders. It is one of the most brutal and most formidable battles in recent Serbian history...

Those who survived say it was hell on earth. How did it all start? And what happened at Kosare? The new documentary film by Sladjana Zaric produced by Radio Television of Serbia and the Ministry of Defence (Military Cinema Center Zastava Film) provides answers to these questions. The documentary film "War Stories from Kosare" chronologically depicts events that started on April 9th, 1999, with the incursion at the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia's border by the Kosovo Liberation Army forces from the territory of Albania. The battle lasted 67 days, ending on June 14th, with the withdrawal of the Yugoslav Army from the territory of Kosovo and Metohija after the ratification of the Kumanovo Agreement. 108 Yugoslav Army soldiers lost their lives to mortars, snipers, outlawed cluster bombs...
Genre: Documentary, History, 1999 War in Kosovo 

Country of Production: Serbia
Produced by: Public Service Media - RTS and Ministry of Defence
Original Title: Ratne price sa Kosara
Year of production: 2019
Duration part: 106' HD
Languages: Serbian, English, Russian

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