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A Theatre At Home

“Theatre at Home” is a classic Yugoslav TV sitcom that ran from 1972 until 1984.


The series is centred around the life of the Petrovic family - Rodoljub, Olga, their son Borko, Rodoljub‘s mother-in-law Snezana Nikolajevic, and their housekeeper Tina. Apart from them, the memorable characters are: Vasa S. Tajcic - a friend of the family, Mother Vuka - Rodoljub's mother, Ceda Mungos - the building superintendent, Rajka - Ceda's wife, Klativoda - police officer, Brkic - Rodoljub's colleague, Ana Sumovic - Snezana's friend from youth and others. The series has featured guest performances of many television celebrities of the time. One of the most striking elements of the series is the relationship between the son-in-law and the mother-in-law: Rodoljub Petrovic, a jurist who grew up in the country who kept the provincial mind-set and who will never understand the fine and classy behaviour of his mother-in-law, Snezana Nikolajevic, the pre-war well-born lady whose only problem is a low-born son-in-law. One of the memorable characters is Vasa S. Tajcic, a friend of the family and perhaps a once-upon-a-time lover of Snezana Nikolajevic.

Genre: Comedy

Rights: Scripted format

Country of Production: Serbia

Original Title: Pozoriste u kuci

Year of production: 1972-1984

Number of episodes: 71 x 30'Screenplay: Novak Novak

Directed by: Dejan Corkovic

Cast: Vlastimir DJuza Stojiljkovic, Stanislava Pesic, Olga Ivanovic, Goran Trifunovic, Ljiljana Lasic... 





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