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Delirium Tremens

»Delirium tremens« television series is based on a screenplay by Goran Markovic.


The screenplay was written in a well-known tradition of tragicomedy, a genre cherished by this author. The story is about the actor Dagi who is forced, after beeing an alcoholic for a long time, to take a break from the only thing that is important to him - acting. After his initial refusal and despair, Dagi is embarking on a path of recovery supported by his acting talent and group of convalescents in the hospital. Through special group therapy and a series of tragicomic situations, Dagi will get to know his true self and discover what is hidden behind the mask of the great actor.


Genre: Drama

Country of Production: Serbia
Original Title: Delirium Tremens
Year of production: 2019
No. of Episodes: 4 x 60' HD
Cast: Tihomir Stanic, Gorica Popovic, Anita Mancic, Dragan Petrovic, Igor Djordjevic, Dragan Petrovic Pele, Masa Dakic and many others.
Screenplay / Director: Goran Markovic

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