Sanja Vučić "ZAA" - biography

Sanja Vučić (22) was born on August 8, 1993, in Kruševac. She has received musical education at departments of opera singing since childhood. It is interesting that her parents are also singers. They taught her to sing old folk songs and sevdalinkas when she was a child, and, a decade and a half later, she has developed a voice ready to sing the songs of Aretha Franklin, Beyoncé...

Sanja Vučić sang in several bands (dealing with jazz, reggae, ethno music) and performed with the choir in many countries. She further developed her voice with the opera diva Katarina Jovanović, who has said that "it is important for Sanja to remain who she is and retain her distinctiveness".

Besides studying Arabic, she is a recognisable singer of the band "ZAA" with which she has performed at all larger festivals in the region (EXIT, Love Fest, Nishville, Arsenal Fest, etc). As the member of "ZAA", she has had one album called "What About" published so far.

Ivana Peters, the author of the song "Goodbye", with which Sanja will represent our country at the Eurovision Song Contest, says that they will have to "restrain Sanja's voice, because she can do much more than the song requires".

Sanja Vučić lives in Belgrade, but she adores her hometown of Kruševac, and says that she would feel extremely ashamed if it turned out that she hadn't got to know some part of it.

Now, she will have the opportunity to get to know Stockholm, where she will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest in May. Certain editors already refer to Sanja's career as "a Serbian dream", since she is a young girl who, without any kind of favouritism whatsoever, only thanks to her talent, managed to get the chance of a lifetime.

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