TV story about Nina

She is grind but proud of it

In just three minutes, during the song contest aired live on Serbian Broadcasting Corporation - RTS, the life of this young Belgrader changed completely!

The vast majority of votes at the Serbian National Selection for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest held on February 26, went to Nina, the charming student and singer songwriter from Belgrade. Her magic voice enchanted the audience and won her ticket to Düsseldorf.

The composer of the Serbian Eurovision song, Kristina Kovač, discovered Nina's sophisticated voice on YouTube and offered to set stage for the new chapter in her already dynamic life. The rest is history.

While preparing for the contest in May, along with the music and stage practice, some contestants are doing fitness exercises, swimming, skiing, jogging... and Serbian Eurovision representative Nina is - learning.

Nina: "Yes, that's me.... With all the obligations, I'll try not to miss my exams. I have my family to support me, and my boyfriend, of course... Eurovision is, naturally, my absolute priority, but since I have always been a "grind", I hope that I'll be able to fulfill all my goals! Not only to pass the exams, but also not to miss out on some important events, cool downtown parties in April... and of course, I hope my boyfriend will be tolerant... Although he has already offered to give me a ride to Düsseldorf..."

Nina's message for the end:

NINA: "Motto of the 56th Eurovision Song Contest is "Feel Your Heartbeat". It is a deep and positive message, I really like it. Taking into consideration all the catastrophes that have recently befallen our planet, it is clear that love is all that matters, that only love remains and survives. Searching for love should be a priority. I wish you all to be loved and to love! Just as my song, written by composer Kristina Kovac says - Take care of people who make you feel special, and you'll have a better life.. I want you to be loved so much, that people start saying you are just "magical".

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ovde vam je sve izmesano, i cirilica i latinica i engleska verzija, sve redom.

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Go Nina

May 10th,first semi- final, SERBIA will perform as sixth.Countries for televoting via local broadcasters : Poland, Norway, Albania, Armenia,Turkey, Russia, Switzerland, Georgia, Finland, Malta, San Marino, Croatia, Iceland, Hungary, Portugal, Lithuania, Azerbaijan and Greece. Also citizens of Spain and UK can vote that night in our Semi Final. Serbian entry, Nina will sing on may 10th in first semi-final. Europe, magical number is 6 !