Nina sings in Amsterdam

The traditional "Eurovision IN" concert will be held in Amsterdam on April 9th in stylish new downtownnightclub. For the time being, 15 representatives including Nina with her song "Glamorous." have confirmed their participation.

The concert of Eurovision representatives from all over Europe is being held for the third consecutive year in Amsterdam.

The concert is actually a kind of dress rehearsal for the participants before the initial competition at the Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision fans from the Netherlands are the actual organizers of this event in cooperation with the EBU and local sponsors. It is expected that some 20 to 25 national representatives will take part in this years event, which represents more than half of those who will be competing in just a month in Düsseldorf. For the time being, 15 representatives have confirmed their appearance in Amsterdam, although the list of participants is changing every day. The Serbian representative Nina with the song "Glamorous" will appear before the European audience for the first time.

The concert in Amsterdam will include the participation of: Nadine Biler from Austria, Magda Tul from Poland, Music from Latvia, Vlatko Stefanovski from Macedonia, Poly Genoa from Bulgaria, May Keuco from Slovenia, Jiksek Sadakat from Turkey, Vinik Anastasia from Belarus, Paradis Oscar from Finland, Anna Rosinelli from Switzerland, Aurelius Gace from Albania, Emi from Armenia, and Senita - representing San Marino.

The appearance at the concert in Amsterdam is one of the most important moments in the Eurovision tour of the national representatives, because along with the actual performance at the concert which is open and has commercial purposes, it involves intense media activities in the presence of reporters from all over Europe and many fans who largely determine the "taste" of voters at the upcoming competition.

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