Serbia performs sixth

Serbian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Nina Radojičić will sing sixth in the 19-strong lineup of the first semi-final in Dusseldorf on May 10. Nina will be sing a song titled „Caroban“, or Magical to the European audience, after the Turkish band and before the Russian representative.

Today's draw was held in Düsseldorf, which is determined by the order of appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest representatives 2011th first and second semi-final days.

The first draw in January this year it was determined that Serbia will be presented during the first semi-final on May 10 th and today it was confirmed that Nina will sing the song "Caroban"(Magical) under number six.

The draw of Semi-Final 1

In each half of one respective Semi-Final, one country received a wildcard to choose its starting position. The remaining positions were drawn afterwards.

The draw for the first Semi-Final:
1. Poland (wildcard)
2. Norway
3. Albania
4. Armenia
5. Turkey
6. Serbia
7. Russia
8. Switzerland
9. Georgia
10. Finland
11. Malta
12. San Marino
13. Croatia
14. Iceland
15. Hungary
16. Portugal
17. Lithuania
18. Azerbaijan
19. Greece (wildcard)

The draw of Semi-Final 2

The draw for the second Semi-Final brought the following result:
1. Bosnia & Herzegovina
2. Austria
3. The Netherlands
4. Belgium
5. Slovakia (wildcard)
6. Ukraine
7. Moldova
8. Sweden
9. Cyprus
10. Bulgaria
11. FYR Macedonia
12. Israel
13. Slovenia
14. Romania
15. Estonia
16. Belarus
17. Latvia (wildcard)
18. Denmark
19. Ireland

The automatic Finalists

For the Grand Final, the starting positions of the „Big 5 countries" (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and The United Kingdom) were also drawn, with one of them, again, getting a wildcard to freely choose their starting position:

11. France
12. Italy
14. United Kingdom
16. Germany
22. Spain (wildcard)

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