Download media kit of Serbian entry for ESC 2011

Here you can find promotional material of Serbian entry - Nina.

Photogallery, video or audio (mpg, wav & mp3) of  Nina her song in Serbian ("Caroban") and English language ("Magical") .

Download Nina - "Caroban" (mpg format)

Nina - Čaroban (wav format)

Nina - Magical (wav format)

Нина - Фото галерија / Nina - Gallery / Galerie
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(уторак, 22. мар 2011, 02:32) - john [нерегистровани]

more magical than magic itself

I absolutely adore this girl! Her voice, charisma, beauty, sweetness... are so intoxicating! Can't stop listening to ˝Magical˝ (sounds much better in English) and her other songs on YouTube too! I hope she'll break the ice for Serbia and sing the song in English for the first time. I also like her own style much better e.g. like in the photo where she is sitting with a hat on her head. Let's not exaggerate- the song is retro enough. Don't costume her. I wish her all the luck!

(недеља, 13. мар 2011, 19:00) - Vlada [нерегистровани]

Hvala za WAV snimke

Svaka cast sto ste postavili snimke u WAV formatu.

(недеља, 13. мар 2011, 16:59) - anonymous [нерегистровани]


Bravo! Tnx in the name of radio stations and webbportals!

(недеља, 13. мар 2011, 01:18) - louis [нерегистровани]

magical indeed

Song sounds great in English. Absolutely more suited.