Nina wins Serbian selection with Kristina Kovac song

Kristina Kovac's song “Caroban” scored the most votes and singer Nina will perform it for Serbia in Europe's Favourite Musical TV Show this year in May in Düsseldorf.

The Serbian Song for Europe TV show has taken place tonight in RTS studio, where Kornelije Kovac and his two daughters Aleksandra and Kristina were all competing against each other in a three song competition. Kristina Kovac's song "Caroban" scored the most votes with the Serbian public and Nina will perform for her nation in Europe's Favourite TV Show in Düsseldorf.

The show was opened by 2007 Eurovision Song Contest winner Marija Šerifović who performed Molitva, the song which brought her victory for Serbia in Helsinki. The presentation of the three competing songs was at the very start of the show, in order to maximise the time for the SMS public voting window. First to perform were the group Breeze, who sang Ring Ring Ring, penned by Kornelije Kovac. Second on stage was Aleksandra Kovac singing her own song, a rousing power ballad entitled Idemo Dalje, and finally Nina performed the retro themed up tempo Caroban which was Kristina Kovac's entry.

The show then went on to show a short documentary film about how Kornelije, Aleksandra and Kristina created the competing compositions, highlighting the co-operation between composers and performers, and also some history of the previous participation of Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest. There were many invited guests for this evenings TV show who performed songs of Kovac family not only Serbian artists but some famous names from both Croatia and FYR Macedonia. The invited solo singers were Nina Badric, Aleksandra Radovic, Tanja Banjanin, Ana Stanic and also four performers who have all themselves competed in the Eurovision Song Contest. They were Dado Topic, who represented Croatia in 2007, Jelena Tomasevic who performed for Serbia in 2008, Karolina Goceva who represented FYR Macedonia in both 2002 and 2007, and Boris Novkovic who flew the Croatian flag in 2005.

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(петак, 29. апр 2011, 23:51) - adadadadad [нерегистровани]



(уторак, 01. мар 2011, 18:27) - Peter [нерегистровани]


Pošto na engleskom ne znaju šta je Č trebali su da prevedu "Charoban (Magical)".

(понедељак, 28. феб 2011, 11:36) - anonymous [нерегистровани]


Zašto "Caroban", a ne "Čaroban"?

(недеља, 27. феб 2011, 22:49) - pedja [нерегистровани]


Caroban means magical

(недеља, 27. феб 2011, 19:50) - anonymous [нерегистровани]


What's that mean Caroban?

(недеља, 27. феб 2011, 19:23) - londoner [нерегистровани]


song is kinda good, the styling kinda reminded me of what the Eurovision used to look like years ago in the 80's, the singer is nicely chosen... yet again we come to the song part, is it gonna be good enough... the performance would have to be very unique...

(недеља, 27. феб 2011, 16:27) - Igor [нерегистровани]


So this year again we just go to be a part of something and not to compete, judging by the song we have no chance, again. Way to go RTS, how about we get Beovision back?

(недеља, 27. феб 2011, 13:35) - anonymous [нерегистровани]


Nina je favorit po prvim reakcijama...GO NINA

(недеља, 27. феб 2011, 13:34) - anonymous [нерегистровани]


Или напишите "Čaroban" или преведите на енглеском језику, овако је смешно "Caroban". Ако странци буду читали не верујем да ће разумети.

(недеља, 27. феб 2011, 13:30) - anonymous [нерегистровани]

@bez naslova

i ja se pitam sto su se pojavili tekstovi na engleskom ali dobro, mozda za strance