Aleksandra Kovač (biography)

Aleksandra Kovač was born in 1972 to eminent Serbian musicians, composer and music producer Kornelije and lyricist Spomenka Kovač. She has two younger sisters: Kristina, born in 1974, who is also a musician, and Anja, born in 1988, who is an actress. Kovač was born and raised in Belgrade. Surrounded with music throughout her childhood, Kovač began playing the piano aged 6, while already writing her own material since the age of 13. She cites Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys as her idols, and is also a recognized philanthropist.

In 1989 Kovač and her younger sister Kristina formed a duo named K2, and signed a five year recording contract with Dave Margereson and Kenny Thompson from Mismanagement, a management company, based in London. The same year they supported Labi Sifre at his tour in England, and Errol Brown from Hot Chocolate on his Great Britain tour.

In next five years, K2 worked with great names in music, such as Derek Bramble, who worked with Whitney Houston and Nona Gaye, the writing duo Rod Argent and Peter Van Hooke, who produced albums for Tanita Tikaram, and many others. After their contract with Mismanagement expired in 1995, the sisters returned to Belgrade and wrote, arranged and produced their debut album K2, that hit number one on the charts. K2 sold more than 70 000 copies, and the band had a successful tour all over the country. Their second album, „Malo soula", was released in 1996, and hit the charts.In 1997 K2 signed a recording contract with EMI to release an album for the Spanish market, and the sisters traveled to Madrid to record it. In 1998 K2 released their album Vamos de Fiesta. After a successful promotion of the album and a tour, the group returned to Belgrade and stopped working.

Kovač's first solo forays came between tours and gigs with her sister. In 1993 she performed in Spain with latino dance group Locomia, playing the keyboards and singing back vocals. She also backed singer Mikel Herzog on his Spanish tour.

Soon after K2 stopped performing in late 1990s, Aleksandra decided to continue solo, but now not only as a performer and composer, but as an arranger and producer as well.

She met a talented and perspective young producer and musician, Roman Goršek (of the group Plejboj), and with him formed the production team "RAProduction", that has been successfully creating music for the past 14 years.

Aleksandra was asked to write songs for performers from Croatia and Bosnia, such as: Nina Badrić, Ivana Kindl, Jacques Houdek, Deen, Severina Vučković, Goran Karan, Boris Novković, Vesna Pisarović, Sandi Cenov, etc... Aleksandra and Roman also produced the songs and albums for the majority of these performers.

In 2001 they begin work on the EP "You and Me", which they single-handedly produced and published. In the same year, Aleksandra and Roman were invited by some of the top world managers to come and present their music and work, in LA, USA.

Aleksandra has signed publishing contracts with companies such as Air Chrysalis, EMI Spain, Croatia records, Menart and she is a member of HDS and HUZIP in Croatia and STIM in Sweden.

In 2006 she released her long awaited solo album called "Honey And Milk", after a very difficult period in her personal and family life. Alex says about the making of the album: ''It was the most creative and releasing moment of my life... I used to come very early in the studio, before anyone else, write, arrange, edit, listen to the stuff we've done and then write some more. Roman would continue in the afternoon, and we would work deep into the night. It wasn't rare to find me sleeping in front of the computer, my head safely nested on the keyboard:)I put all my energy, everything I was feeling, all the love and pain into each and every song on that album and I knew I had something special on my hands!''The album hit the charts imidiately. It was the Best Selling Album Of The Year, Aleksandra got the MTV Award as the Best Adriatic Act on the 2006 EMA's in Copenhagen, and toured all over Serbia, with great success. The stage is the place where she proved that she is the one and only Balkan Soul Lady.

Alex has been the lightening rod for young people in Serbia, showing them that if you believe in yourself and what you do, and if you work really hard and put everything you've got into it, you will succeed.

Alex is a true supporter of animal rights, which she proved by running a rescue shelter for abandoned animals in Belgrade, for three years, and rehomed more than 50 animals. She is a vegetarian, with a healthy, strong and positive life philosophy. In 2007., The British Council in Serbia asked Aleksandra and Roman, to organise a workshop for young people interested in learning about the music business in Serbia, and afterwards, write an essay about the subject.

Alex was the first Serbian to appear on the cover of Cosmopolitan, the first Serbian artist to get the MTV Award ... voted one of the ten most popular women in Serbia 2010!

With her new, best -selling album "In my room", which was written, produced and released by Roman and herself, she proved once again that she is here to stay.In the last year they also founded a private music school "Belgrade voice", and released an album promoting the best student-singers.

Roman and Aleksandra are a songwriting and production team with a song catalog ranging from soul and funk, rock and country, to mainstream ballads.

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And she won the first MTV award for serbia in 2006!!!