четвртак, 28. апр 2011, 20:17 -> 12:58

Magical night in RTS

Press conference and big party was held in Radio-Televizija Srbije (Serbian Broadcasting Corporation) one day before Serbian team lead by NINA will come in Dusseldorf for ...


четвртак, 21. апр 2011, 20:54 -> 11:45 TV story about Nina

She is grind but proud of it

In just three minutes, during the song contest aired live on Serbian Broadcasting Corporation - RTS, the life of this young Belgrader changed completely ...


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недеља, 20. мар 2011, 18:31 -> 18:37

Nina sings in Amsterdam

The traditional "Eurovision IN" concert will be held in Amsterdam on April 9th in stylish new downtownnightclub. For the time being, 15 representatives including Nina with ...


уторак, 15. мар 2011, 13:55 -> 15:41

Serbia performs sixth

Serbian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Nina Radojičić will sing sixth in the 19-strong lineup of the first semi-final in Dusseldorf on May 10. Nina will ...


субота, 12. мар 2011, 18:15 -> 11:10

Download media kit of Serbian entry for ESC 2011

Here you can find promotional material of Serbian entry - Nina ...


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понедељак, 07. мар 2011, 14:34 -> 16:29

Danica Radojičić - Nina (biography)

Nina (Danica Radojicic) was born in 1989 in Belgrade. She expressed her musical talent at a very early age. ...


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субота, 26. феб 2011, 23:02 -> 02:10

Nina wins Serbian selection with Kristina Kovac song

Kristina Kovac's song “Caroban” scored the most votes and singer Nina will perform it for Serbia in Europe's Favourite Musical TV Show this year in May in Düsseldorf ...


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уторак, 22. феб 2011, 08:17 -> 19:09

Breese, Nina and Aleksandra live

In the TV show „Song plus Bingo“ audience in Serbia had opportunity to hear performances of Aleksandra Kovac, Nina and group Breeze with help of Big band orchestra. ...


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среда, 16. феб 2011, 18:17 -> 12:27

Participants of this year's serbian Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS) officially announced that compositions of Kornelije, Aleksandra and Kristina Kovac will be performed by the following artists ...


четвртак, 10. феб 2011, 16:12 -> 16:20

Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Serbia will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany and will select their entry through a televised national final on February 26th , organized ...


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